1983 Volvo 242 Turbo 



In 1983 Volvo manufactured 500 "flat hood" 242 Turbos to meet production requirements for Group A sedan class racing in Europe.  According to various U.S sources 312 were equipped with the 4-speed manual plus overdrive transmission and about 30 were sent back to Europe for racing.  The Group A Turbos sold here had GT springs, a factory intercooler and the European front sheetmetal.  Although VCNA spokespeople claim that the Group A Turbo had the standard 161 HP turbo output, drivers generally agreed that they were definitely faster than a stock turbo with an intercooler added. 

Volvo introduced turbocharging in 1981 since by putting a turbocharger on the 4 cylinder 2.1-liter engine makes it perform like a 3-liter engine with torque increased by 30 percent over an unboosted engine.  According to Road & Track "Volvos were civilized, durable, high-quality machines with comfortable rides, good driver control, the safety that comes with thoughtful engineering and construction.  But the additional power available from the turbocharged engine has brought them the element that was missing from Volvo's line… a little excitement. It is truly an unexpected bonus."

This car was originally owned by John Chatley of West Chester and it would clearly be an understatement to say that he maintained this car meticulously.  In July 2007 it was discovered at an old gas station in Manayunk sitting forlornly next to an abandoned Jeep Willeys.  After a very brief road test, Ed and Jon Stillman agreed that it would be unfair to negotiate with the second owner over the price and promptly drove the car back to West Chester where it belonged.