1990 Volvo 245


In 1990 Dudley Moore starred in a movie titled 'Crazy People' where working as advertising agent he came up with the unique idea of using honesty in advertising, with the slogan "Volvos, yes they are boxy, but they're safe." This 1990 Volvo wagon epitomizes the "boxy" era that many people still associate with Volvo.

The car was traded into Stillman Volvo and certainly demonstrates that Volvos are durable as well as safe with over 500,000 miles on the original engine. Despite never having any internal engine repairs (the head has never been off), the car still runs strong. When the car reached 250,000 miles in five and a half years with very little difficulty, the original owner, Ian MacDonald, decided to set his sights on the 500,000 mile mark.  In January of 2004 he achieved his goal and traded his trusty Volvo for a new 2004 Volvo V40.  Since the trade in, Stillman Volvo has done minor repairs that include replacing the worn out driver's seat upholstery and carpeting.  Additionally we replaced the faded lamp assemblies and exchanged the wheels for the "Classic 240" type.  After a complete exterior detail this car looks better than most cars with only 50,000 miles.  Upon reviewing the maintenance records we were amazed to discover that Ian had only one major repair on his Volvo, which was a transmission replacement at 472,000 miles. The original clutch was replaced at 313,000 miles.  Even more remarkable is the fact that the car has never been in an accident and all the paint is original.

With 501,000 miles and counting, this boxy but incredible Volvo is a great example of the durability of Volvo cars and the long term benefits of routine maintenance.