1966 Volvo 122S


This 1966 Volvo 122S was sold when it was new for the grand sum of $2,600.00 by a Volvo dealer in New Jersey in June of 1966. In 1997, Ed Stillman was given the opportunity to buy the car from the grandson of the original owner. The car had been parked in storage for twenty years in an old garage with a dirt floor in Stroudsburg, PA. It probably comes as no surprise that Stillman Volvo ultimately paid considerably more to purchase the car, despite its need for restoration. Remarkably, the car had no evidence of rust and with a little air added to the original tires it was rolled onto a trailer for the trip back to West Chester.

Stillman Volvo completed the mechanical restoration in 1999 shortly after Young's Auto Body of West Chester had finished the body restoration.  With only 13,000 original miles the car still rides and runs like new.  The interior is completely original as well as the large majority of the car's parts, which include the spare tire and the automatic transmission fluid. With the exception of the radial tires (originally equipped with standard-ply white walls) the car is completely stock.

Volvo incorporated safety features in 1966 that included front disc brakes and 3 point seat belts, along with reinforced steel roof pillars that provided exceptional roll-over protection. The 1800cc (1.8 liter) engine equipped with dual carburetors produced 108 HP and was one of the most durable engines ever built. Competition for the Volvo 122 in the 60s came from the new compacts out of Detroit which included the Ford Falcon, Chevy Corvair and Plymouth Valiant. You'll notice that this car was never equipped with a radio, which was an option along with air conditioning in 1966.

This particular car is quite special to Ed Stillman, because other than the automatic transmission, it's identical to the 122 that he and his brothers learned to drive on the back roads of Tennessee. Considering how limited the production of this model was, we believe this vehicle probably represents the finest 1966 Volvo 122S Automatic presently in existence in the world.