If you’re looking to lease your next vehicle in the West Chester area, choosing Stillman Volvo Cars is a great way to find affordable rates and terms. Our finance department has experience working with a wide range of financial histories and budgets and are able to find leases that accommodate the needs of our customers.

Find out why financing your next vehicle with us is a great idea.


When you lease a vehicle, you can expect to pay less since the majority of the cost is based on the depreciation of the vehicle rather than the total sticker price. While you may only have it in your budget to buy the base model of a certain vehicle, with leasing, you may be able to comfortably afford a higher trim level or more available features with the low monthly payments of a lease.

A lower cost means that there is a larger pool of vehicles that are within your budget and more opportunities to find a vehicle that meets all your needs. It also means that you can enjoy the latest features that are available, and when your lease is up, you are free to sign a new lease with the next generation of new technology.

Leasing is also a convenient option for those that don’t want to deal with the hassle of what to do with your current vehicle when you want to move onto your next vehicle. Instead of trying to find a buyer and haggling for a fair price, when your lease is up, you can simply return it, pay any final fees incurred, and you're free to pick out your next vehicle to lease.


At Stillman Volvo Cars, we know how to find you reasonably priced rates for your next vehicle by working with major lending institutions. So, browse our new Volvo inventory to find the right vehicle for you and then reach out to our finance department for exciting leasing opportunities!

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